clothing alterations & repair

Bridal Party and Prom Dress Alterations

The alteration process

To have your dress altered at Perfect Stitches follow the following steps.

  • Call and book an appointment for a free consultation

  • Come for your scheduled consultation.  During this appointment we will go over what needs to be done and give you a price quote. To this appointment you should bring your dress, the undergarments you will wear with the dress, and your shoes.  If you choose to leave your dress at this time, the dress will be pinned up and a date for a follow up appointment will be set.

  • Come for your follow up fitting and put your dress back on.  At this point your dress may be done and you can take it home.  However, another fitting may be necessary so please keep this in mind.

Your bill must be paid in full before the dress can be taken home.

Cost of alterations

Gown alterations vary considerably due to variations in material and construction.  Keep in mind the lace and beads always cost more.  Here are some general guidelines.

  • Hems can range from $50-$250.  More layers add more expense.

  • The sides can range from $30 - $200.  Factors influencing the cost are how many seams need to be taken in and whether the zipper will have to be reset.  Beads and lace always cost more.

  • The bustle can range from $45-$100.